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LMS & Constituents

Ballantyne, Hugh. London Midland Steam Revival. Steam Portfolios 3. Colour photographs beautifully composed showing steam at its best with detailed captions.   (hb)   Jane's. 1987, pp64, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7106 0454 8.   VG    £3

Bloom, Alan. Locomotives of the London Midland & Scottish Railway. Jarrold Railway Series 3. Compiled by David Williams.   Short illustrated study.   (pb) Jarrold, 1979, pp32, isbn 0 85306 841 0.   VG   50p

Doherty, Douglas (edited by). The LMS Duchesses. Detailed study of these locomotives complete with numerous tables, diagrams, b/w photographs, along with pull out scale diagrams. (hb) Model and Allied Publications Limited, 1973, pp89, isbn 0 85242 325 X. VG, VG   £7

Essery, R J & Jenkinson, D. The LMS Coach 1923-1957. Comprehensive study of the origin and development of the many types of LMS coach, complete with many table, diagrams and photographs. (hb) Ian Allan, 1969, pp134, large format, isbn 0 7110 0074 3. VG, no dust jacket (some foxing)   £15

Fowkes, Roderick H.   Last days of Steam on the LMS & BR. A Railwayman's Memoirs.   Based on early memories and experiences, illustrated with a huge collection of photos and ephemera. (hb) Halsgrove, 2009, pp160, large format, isbn 978 1 84114 976 9.   VG, VG   £8

Haresnape, Brian. Stanier Locomotives. A Pictorial History. A very comprehensive pictorial and narrative study of Stanier designed locomotives. (hb) Ian Allan, 1970, pp128, isbn 0 7110 0108 1.   VG, VG   £1

Highet, Campbell. The Wirral Railway. The Oakwood Library of Railway History No. 17. Illustrated Oakwood history which also gives details of the locomotives that worked the line. (pb) Oakwood Press, 1961, pp39. VG £4

Huntriss, Derek.   On London & North Western Lines.   Colour photos with detailed captions taken during the 1950s and 60s.   (hb)   Ian Allan, 1995, pp80, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 2382 4.   VG   £5

Jenkinson, David & Essery, Bob. Midland Carriages. An Illustrated Review 1877 onwards. Comprehensive study of carriages, illustrated with 252 b/w photographs and many line drawings. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1984, pp185, 252 b/w plates, large format, isbn 0 86093 291 5. VG, no dust jacket   £14

Kichenside, Geoffrey. The West Coast Route to Scotland.  Short history of the railway between Euston and Glasgow, followed by many b/w photos with detailed captions.   (hb)   David & Charles, 1976, pp96, isbn 0 7153 7210 6.    VG, VG   £2

Locomotives of the Premier Line in Pictures.   A reprint of the illustrations from 'The Premier Line' A History of LNWR Locomotives by O.S. Nock.   (pb) Ian Allan, pp36.   G+    £1

McCormack, Kevin. The Midland Around London. A Colour Portfolio.   Lovely colour photographs, with detailed captions, taken during the 1950s and 60s, mostly steam but with a few first generation diesels and electrics. (hb) Ian Allan, 2008, pp80, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 3296 5.    VG   £5 

Morrison, Gavin. Working Steam: Rebuilt Royal Scots. Colour photographs of the class with detailed captions portraying the class in service during the 1950s and 60s. (hb) Ian Allan, 2002, pp80, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 2883 4.   VG   £5

Morrison, Gavin. The Heyday of Leeds Holbeck and its Locomotives. Photo album with detailed captions. (hb)  Ian Allan, 1994, pp80, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 2225 9.   VG   £5

Nock, O.S. A History of the LMS 3. The War Years and Nationalisation 1939-1948. Well illustrated 3rd volume of this history.    (hb) Guild Publishing, 1988, pp95. VG, VG £1

Nock, O.S. 60 Years of West Coast Express Running.    Well illustrated study.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1976, pp264, isbn 0 7110 0618 0.   VG, VG   £2

Welch, Michael S. Steam across the Northern Fells. Colour photos with detailed captions, showing various different classes of loco working in the Northern Fells during the 1950s and 60s.   (hb) Waterfront, 2003, pp80, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 946184 83 6. VG   £5

Whitehouse, Patrick & Thomas, David St John. LMS 150. The London Midland & Scottish Railway - A century and a half of progress. A well illustrated album concerning the diversity of the LMS.   (hb) Book Club Associates/David & Charles, 1987, pp208, large format. VG, VG £1

LNER & Constituents

Townend, P.N. Top Shed.   The author was himself in charge of the depot from 1956 onwards and this account is well illustrated. (hb) Ian Allan, 2nd edition 1989, pp160, isbn 0 7110 1827 8.  VG, VG       £5

SR & Constituents

Bird, John H. Southern Steam Specials 1966/7. 20th Anniversary Tribute.   Well illustrated with annex giving month by month details of all rail tours on the SR using SR motive power.   (pb) Kingfisher Railway productions, 1987, pp32, isbn 0 946184 31 3.   VG   50p

Hay, Peter. Pre-Grouping Southern Steam in the 1950s. This detailed, largely photo album provides a portrait of the LBSCR, LSWR and SECR which survived into BR ownership.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1983, pp112, isbn 0 7110 1255 5. VG, no dust jacket (small inscription and small mark on cover) £3 

Jewell, Brian. Down the Line to Hastings. The author has used contemporary records, photographs, documents and timetables to recreate the atmosphere of the line between London and Hastings via Tunbridge Wells.   (hb) Baton Press, 1984, pp150, isbn 0 85936 223 X.    VG, VG   £1

Kidner, R.W.  The Railways of Purbeck.  Locomotion Papers No. 68.  A thorough study of the 'main line' and many industrial lines that covered the Isle of Purbeck.    (card cover)  Oakwood Press, 1973, pp47.  VG   £3.50   

Reeve, George & Hawkins, Chris. Branch Lines of the Southern Railway Volume Two.   Comprehensive study covering The Banstead and Epsom Downs Railway, The Lydd Railway and The Axminster & Lyme Regis Light Railway. Well illustrated with b/w photos, tack plans and drawings. (hb) Wild Swan, 1983, pp152, large format, isbn 0 906867 14 2.   VG, VG   (inscription on front blank page)    £25

Winkworth, D.W. Bullied Pacifics.   Winkworth is a master of his subject and within the 13 chapters and 97 performance tables along with the details on entry to traffic, naming dates, renumbering dates, cab/tender modification dates and withdrawal dates he assesses the Bullied Pacifics.   (hb) George Allen & Unwin, 1974, pp264, isbn 0 04 625005 0. VG, VG  £5

English Regions

Coleman, Richard & Rajczonek. Steaming into Northamptonshire. 260 b/w plates with detailed captions. (hb) Northamptonshire Libraries, 1988, 260 plates, large landscape format, isbn 0 905391 12 8.    VG, VG (small inscription and some edge wear to dust jacket) price clipped    £9

Dowling, Geoff & Whitehouse, John. British Railways Past and Present No. 16 - Avon, Cotswolds and The Malverns.   Over 250 b/w photos with detailed captions.   (pb)   Past & Present Publishing, 1993, pp144, isbn 1 85895 028 7.   VG   £5

Edwards, Dennis & Pigram, Ron. London's Underground Suburbs. This well illustrated book looks at the area between 1900 to 1940s when great expansion took place even though it was a time of economic depression. (hb) Baton, 1986, pp137, large format glazed boards, isbn 0 85936 294 9.    VG, VG   £5

Elliott, Peter H. Rugby's Railway Heritage.    Well illustrated book which looks at the origin and development of Rugby and the many lines which served it. (hb) Anderson Publications, 1985, pp72, isbn 0 907917 06 2. VG, no dust jacket      £5  

Holt, Geoffrey O. A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 10 - The North West. Comprehensive history of the railways in this area, with 32 plates, 11 maps, and folding map. (hb) David & Charles, 1978, pp256, isbn 0 7153 7521 0. VG, VG   £8

Howarth, Michael (edited by). Northern Steam Album. B/w photos with captions, taken from across northern Britain. (pb) NWRE Publications, 1984, pp48, isbn 0 947984 00 3. VG £1

Milner, Chris & Banks, Chris. British Railways Past & Present No. 10 - The East Midlands. Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. Over 250 photos featuring over 80 locations including Leicester, Northampton, Kettering, Peterborough, Cambridge, March & Ely.   (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 2001, pp128, isbn 1 85895 112 7.   VG   £5

Morrison, Brian & Brunt, Ken. British Railways Past and Present No. 7 - North East, East and South East London. Over 250 photos featuring over 70 locations on routes radiating from Kings Cross, Broad St, Liverpool St, Fenchurch St, Cannon St & Charing Cross.   (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 1999, pp128, isbn 1 85895 115 1.   VG   £5

Morrison, Brian & Brunt, Ken. British Railways Past and Present No 13. North West, West and South West London. Over 260 photos featuring over 80 locations on routes from St Pancras, Euston, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria & Waterloo. (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 1995, pp144, isbn 1 85895 113 5. VG   £5

Ramsey, Hugh. Capital Steam. Well illustrated with in excess of 200 photographs, primarily b/w and steam but approximately 30 colour images. (hb) Haynes/Oxford Publishing Co., 1989, pp160, large format, isbn 0 86093 412 8.    VG, VG   £6

Searle, Muriel V. Down The Line to Southend. A pictorial history of London's holiday line.   The author has used contemporary records, photographs, documents and timetables to recreate the atmosphere of the exceptionally busy line between London and Southend which was the venue of many seaside excursions.   (hb)   Baton Press, 1984, pp196, isbn 0 85936 243 4.   VG, VG   £1

Shannon, Paul & Hillmer, John. British Railways Past and Present No 3. The North West. Locations include: Liverpool, Manchester, Wigan, Rochdale, Preston, Blackpool and Lancaster. (pb) Silver Link Publishing Ltd., 1991, pp104, isbn 0 947971 10 6.   VG    £4

Thomas, David St John. West Country Railway History. The paperback edition of A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 1: The West Country. This is considered to be the authoritative work on the subject. (pb) David & Charles, 1988, pp313, 68 plates, 16 illustrations in text including regional maps and large folding map, isbn 0 946537 17 8. VG £4

Walker, Colin. The Steam Railway Volume 7 - Carlisle. 58 b/w photos with captions.   (hb) Oxford Illustrators Ltd., 1973, 58 b/w plates, landscape form, isbn 0 902280 09 0. VG, VG   £2

Whitehouse, John & Dowling, Geoff.  British Railways Past and Present No 5. The West Midlands. Over 210 photos featuring over 95 locations including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Rugby, Leamington, Bromsgrove & Worcester. (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 1999, pp104, isbn 1 85895 075 9. VG (small mark on front cover)   £4

Scottish Railways

Anderson, Keith Verden & Stephenson, Brian.   Scottish Steam. W J Verden Anderson A Tribute. Album of steam photos, b/w and colour, taken from 1950 to 1967 with detailed captions. (hb) Ian Allan, 2004, pp160, large landscape format, isbn 0 7110 2992 X.    VG, VG   £10

Dickson, Brian. Steam Finale Scotland. Well illustrated look at steam in Scotland during the 1960s. (hb) Ian Allan, 2003, pp160, isbn 0 7110 2879 6   VG, VG   £6

Gammell, C. J. Scottish Branch Lines 1955-1965.  163 b/w photos with detailed captions, with appendix of branch closure dates. (hb)   Oxford Publishing Co., 1978, 163 b/w photographs, large format, isbn 0 86093 005 X.  VG, VG   £5

Sanders, Keith & Hodgins, Douglas. British Railways Past and Present No. 9 - South East Scotland. Over 250 photos and featuring over 70 locations including: Edinburgh, Leith, Stirling, Dunfermline, Peebles, Galashiels and Hawick. (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 1994, pp128, isbn 1 85895 057 0.   VG   £5

Sanders, Keith & Hodgins, Douglas. British Railways Past and Present. No. 19 - South West Scotland.  Over 250 photos featuring over 90 locations including South Glasgow, Carstairs, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Stranraer, Dumfries & Beattock.  (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 1999, pp144, isbn 1 85895 074 0.   VG £5

Sanders, Keith & Hodgins, Douglas. British Railways Past & Present No. 31 - North West Scotland. Over 270 photographs and featuring over 85 locations including North Glasgow, Mallaig, Oban and Crianlarich. (pb) Past & Present Publishing, 2005, pp160, isbn 1 85895 090 2.    VG £6

Welsh Railways

Austin, Stephen. From the Footplate: Cambrian Coast Express. Contains many archive photographs with detailed text. (pb) Ian Allan, 1992, pp112, isbn 0 7110 2035 3. VG £4

Siviter, Roger. British Railways Past and Present No. 32 - Mid Wales and The Marches. With over 180 b/w photos with detailed captions and featuring over 60 locations including Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Barmouth and Aberystwyth and many more. (pb) Past & Present Publishing, reprinted 1999, pp128, isbn 1 85895 137 2.    VG   £5

Tasker, W.W. The Merthyr, Tredegar & Abergavenny Railway and Branches. Detailed history of this South Wales mainly mineral line, with many b/w photos, maps, diagrams and gradient profiles. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1986, pp144, large format, isbn 0 86093 339 3. VG, VG £25

Steam Engineering

Allen, Cecil J. British Pacific Locomotives. Illustrated, detailed study covering the period from Churchwards 'the Great Bear' through to the Standard Pacifics of BR. There is also a section on British Pacific designs that were never built, such as those that were considered by the Caledonian, GNR, LMS and SR. (hb) Ian Allan, 1st edition 1962, pp240. VG, P (dust jacket is in a poor condition)   £5

BR Era

Allen, G. Freeman (compiled by). The Last Years of British Steam First Series. B/w photo album with captions.   (hb) Ian Allan, 3rd impression 1976, unpaginated, isbn 0 7110 05362.   VG, V G   £1

Cross, Derek.  Roaming the West Coast Rails.  A splendid volume which illustrates the transition from steam to modern traction on the West Coast route.   (hb)Ian Allan, 1980, pp128, large format, isbn 0 7110 0998 8.  VG, VG  £3  

Leach, John. Farewell to Steam - A Photographic Impression.   Collection of b/w photos.   (pb) Bahamas Locomotive Society Publication, 1968, pp32, large landscape format.   VG   £1

Maggs, Colin G. (edited by).  The Best of The Last Days of Steam.    Largely photo album with detailed captions.   (hb) Alan Sutton, 1995, pp142, very large format, isbn 0 7509 0353 8.  VG, VG    £1 

Nock, O.S. The Last Years of British Railways Steam. Reflections, ten years after.   Written first hand, this tells how standard steam designs were brought into service, how they compared with existing types and how they performed. (hb) David & Charles, 2nd impression 1978, pp143, isbn 0 7153 7583 0. VG, VG  £2   

Oldham, Eric.  British Railways Steam in Retrospect. A superb collection of b/w photographs looking at stations, loco sheds, the enormous variety of freight traffic, railway works along with an interesting section on steam over the Woodhead route. (hb)   Sutton Publishing, 1998, pp124, isbn 0 7509 1768 7. VG, VG    £3   

Oldham, Eric.  Steam in the Countryside: The 1950s.  B/w steam photos with detailed captions covering the Woodhead Route, Berkshire and Devon, Hampshire and Dorset and many other areas.  (hb) Alan Sutton, 1994, pp126, isbn 0 7509 0556 5.    VG, VG   £5

Sawford, Eric. British Railways Steam in the 1960s.  Over 250 b/w photographs with detailed captions of locomotives from all regions at work and on shed.   (hb) Alan Sutton, 1993, pp166, isbn 0 7509 0139 X.    VG, VG     £5   

Whitehouse, Patrick & Jenkinson, David.  From BR to Beeching Volume 2.  Four Coupled Twilight Part 1. B/w photo album with detailed captions which includes survivors from many pre grouping companies such as South East and Chatham, NBR, GER and the GCR.  (pb)  Atlantic, 1990, pp60, isbn 0 906899 41 9.      G+  (has crease down front and back of cover) 50p     

Whitehouse, Patrick & Jenkinson, David.  From BR to Beeching Volume 3.  The Routes of the Thompson and Peppercorn Pacifics.  B/w photographs of the splendid 2-6-2 designs with detailed captions.  (pb)  Atlantic, 1990, pp60, isbn 0 906899 43 5.  G+    (has crease down front and back of cover) 50p          

Whitehouse, Patrick & Powell, John.  Treacy's British Rail.  Illustrated study of BR with nearly half of the photographs covering modern traction. (hb)  David & Charles, 1991, pp192, large format, isbn 0 7153 9415 0.  VG, VG   £2 

Williams, Alan & Percival, David.   B.R. Steam Locomotives from Nationalisation to Modernisation. No. 3 London Midland.   A complete list of all steam locomotives owned and operated by BR since Nationalisation. Ex LMS locos 1-28622 BR 40001-58937. Contains b/w photos.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1967, pp72.  G+, no dust jacket   (contains some annotations)   £2

Diesel & Electrics

Johnston, Howard & Knight, Steven. Today's Railways Review of the Year, Volume1. A comprehensive review of all major railway events in 1987 encompassing all five BR operating sectors plus light rail and preservation. Photographs from top railway photographers plus lists of BR stock changes. (hb)    Platform 5, 1988, pp144, large format, isbn 0 906579 82 1.   VG, VG £1

General Interest

Allen, G. Freeman (compiled by)  Great Railway Photographs by Eric Treacy.  General editor P.B. Whitehouse with introduction by Dr. J.A. Coiley.  Compilation of photographs.  (hb) Chancellor Press, 2000, pp216, large format, isbn 1 85152 814 8.  VG, VG    £1   

Baker, S.K. Rail Atlas Great Britain & Ireland. 5thedition. This work contains all operational locations and lines at the time of publication. An excellent reference work.   (hb) Haynes/Oxford Publishing Co., 1988, pp119, glazed boards with dust jacket, isbn 0 86093 419 5.    VG, VG    £1

Blenkinsop, R.J.  Big Four Cameraman. All regions are covered in these brilliant b/w photographs.  This is an omnibus edition of four of Dick Blenkinsop's most popular OPC volumes.  (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1985, 378 b/w plates, large format, isbn 0 86093 363 6.     VG, VG  £5   

Carter, J.R. Footplate Cameraman. Mainly photo album with detailed captions. The author started as a 15 year old cleaner and became a driver at Patricroft Depot.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1983, pp128, large format, isbn 0 7110 1334 9.   VG, VG £3

Clay, John F. Essays in Steam. An anthology of articles from the Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society.   Contains 33 articles telling the story of the British steam locomotive, mainly in the Grouping period, illustrated with b/w photos. Articles include The Royal Scos, The Castles of the GWR, The Maunsell L and L1 Classes, A4 Pacifics and many more.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1970, pp216, isbn 0 7110 0147 2.   VG, VG (some slight wear to dust jacket edges)   £1

Doherty, Douglas (edited by). Model Railways Locomotive Album.   Contains over 30 articles including South & West Coast locomotives, the Lincoln branch of the MR, Spectator at Shrewsbury, as well as modelling items such as Lineside huts and How I made my model engine.   (hb) Model & Allied Publications, 1971, pp114, stiff board cover. VG (some wear to cover and repaired tear to top of spine)    £1

Esau, Mike (compiled by). John Ashman FRPS Rail Portfolio. More than 160 b/w photographs with detailed captions, showing action shots and locomotive portraits in the age of steam. (hb) Haynes/Oxford Publishing Co., 1988, unpaginated, large format, isbn 0 86093 416 0.     VG, VG £5

Garratt, Colin (presented by from the collections of the National Railway Museum).  Great Railway Photographers Maurice Earley. Maurice Earley concentrated primarily on GWR lines and these 72 photographs are a vivid testament to his skill as a photographer.  (hb)   Milepost, 1996, pp48, large format, isbn 1 900193 60 4.    VG, VG  price clipped   £1

Garratt, Colin (presented by in association with Henry Priestley).  Great Railway Photographers  Henry Priestley.  80 previously unpublished photos with detailed captions.   (hb)    Milepost, 1996, pp48, large format, isbn 1 900193 50 7.  VG, VG   price clipped £1  

Garratt, Colin (presented by from the collections of the National Railway Museum).  Great Railway Photographers E.R. Weathersett.  B/w, largely express images from this photographer, who concentrated primarily on LNER lines.  (hb) Milepost, 1996, pp48, large format, isbn 1 900193 65 5.    VG, VG  price clipped   £1 

Hamilton, J.A.B. British Railway Accidents of the Twentieth Century. This book considers 27 railway accidents, giving the complete picture of the event, the technical background, the occurrence itself and the aftermath.   (hb) George Allen & Unwin, 1967, pp180.   G+, P   (dust jacket in poor condition) Ex Library    50p

Nock, O.S.  British Locomotives from the Footplate. Nock considers in detail the Bullied Pacifics, GWR Kings, Stanier Class 5s, and the Stars and Castles of the GWR amongst others.  Accompanied by very detailed timings and b/w photographs.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1950, pp244.   G+, P (dust jacket worn with tears but has a plastic cover on not stuck to the book)   £5

Nock, O.S. British Steam Locomotives at Work.   Well illustrated study of various classes of locomotive. (hb) George Allen & Unwin, 1967, pp276.   VG, P (wear to dust jacket)    £2

Nock, O.S. & Treacy, Eric.  Main Lines Across the Border.  This is the original work which contains stunning illustrations along with comprehensive performance data.  Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., 1960, pp155.  VG, no dust jacket   £2

Ransome-Wallis, P. On Railways At Home and Abroad. Here the author describes some of his railway experiences in Britain, Europe, Africa and North America. (hb) Spring Books, 1951, pp300. VG, G+ (some wear to dust jacket)    £1

Semmens, P.W.B. Stockton & Darlington One Hundred & Fifty Years of British Railways.   Well illustrated history.   (pb) New English Library, 1975, pp160, large format. VG   £1

Thomas, David St John & Whitehouse, Patrick. The Great Days of the Country Railway. Nostalgia celebration of country lines in their heyday.   (hb)   David & Charles, 1993, pp208, large format, isbn 0 7153 8775 8.     VG, VG   £2

Thomas, David St John & Whitehouse, Patrick. The Great Days of the Express Trains. Well illustrated with b/w and colour photos this looks at the express trains, with chapters on sleepers and night trains, names expresses, holiday traffic and more…. (hb) Greenwich Editions/David & Charles, 1995, pp208, large format, isbn 0 86288 061 0. VG, VG   £1

Trains in Trouble - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Trevena, Arthur. This thorough work includes some of the lesser known accidents, such as Tottenham 1860, Newnham, GWR broad gauge 1868, Thirsk 1892, Torside, GCR 1913, and Burnham, S&D 1914 amongst others. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1980, pp48, isbn 0 906899 01 X.   VG    £0.50

Trains in Trouble Vol. 2 - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Trevena, Arthur. This second volume includes Lewes 1879, Preston 1896, Penmaenmawr 1899, Ditton 1912 and Filey 1956 amongst others. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1989, pp48, isbn 0 906899 03 6. VG 50p

Trains in Trouble Vol. 3 - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Hoole, Ken. This includes images from Welshampton, Felling, Belford, Penistone, York and Connington 1961, which involved Deltic D9012 and an A3, amongst others. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1989, pp46, isbn 0 906899 05 2. VG £0.50

Trains in Trouble Vol. 4 - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Hoole, Ken. This includes Eastburn Bridge near keighley, Bedalebeck, Castle Hills, Yeovil, Robin Hoods Bay, and Northallerton amongst many others. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1989, pp46, isbn 0 906899 07 9.    VG £0.50

Trains in Trouble Vol. 5 - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Earnshaw, Alan. This includes Moss Bay Ironworks, Lytham, Bacup, Eastbourne and many others. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1989, pp46, isbn 0 906899 35 4. VG   50p

Trains in Trouble Vol. 8 - Railway Accidents in Pictures. Earnshaw, Alan. Incidents include Newcastle 1913, Buxton 1921, Sleaford 1937, Appleford 1952, Kirkby 1959, Bodmin General 1961, Salford 1963, Standedge tunnel 1991. Captions detail causes, results and where applicable innovations initiated by the accidents. (pb) Atlantic, 1993, pp48, isbn 0 906899 52 4. VG   50p

Treacy, Eric. Lure of Steam.   Atmospheric b/w images with captions, of steam hard at work. (hb) Ian Allan, 1968, pp208, large format.   VG, VG   £2

Whitehouse, Patrick. & Powell, John. Treacy's Routes North. B/w photos from the West Coast, Midland and East Coast routes.   (hb) David & Charles, 1985, pp192, large format, isbn 0 7153 8739 1. VG, VG £1

Whitehouse, Patrick & St. John Thomas, David. A Passion for Steam. A unique combination of technical, nostalgic and imaginative writings combined with many photos celebrate the sounds, smells and joys of steam. (pb) David & Charles, 2nd edition 1992, pp192, large format, isbn 0 7153 0030 X.    VG, VG   £1

Wolmar, Christian. The Subterranean Railway. How the London Underground was built and how it changed the city forever.   Illustrated history of the LU which was an amazing feat of engineering.   (pb) Atlantic Books, 2005, pp351, isbn 1 84354 023 1.   VG    £1

Reminiscences & Steam Memories

Brock, Peter. Calling Carlisle Control. Tales of the footplate.   Well illustrated with b/w photos.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1990, pp112, isbn 0 7110 1904 5.   VG, VG   £6

Burgess, H.C.H. Working with LMS Steam. Illustrated with b/w photos. (pb) Bradford Barton, 1983, pp143, isbn 0 85153 450 3. VG £4

Ellwood, M.J. Steam Dreams. Original Photographs by Howard Leach. Illustrated reminiscences from 3 friends.   (pb) Published by author, 1982, pp126, isbn 0 9507965 0 6.   VG   £5

Faviell, Brigadier John. The Railway Journeys of My Childhood. Charming book illustrated with b/w sketches and watercolours. (hb) Pan Books, 1983, pp112, landscape format, isbn 0 330 28179 8. VG maroon cloth cover with coloured illustration on.   (previous owners name on front blank page)   £2

Fleming, D. "St Philips Marsh. Through the Camera" Memories of St Philips Marsh engine shed.   Scarce publication of b/w photos with captions.   (pb) Published privately, 1989, large format.   VG   £4

Fleming, D.J. St. Philips Marsh. Memories of an engine shed.   Illustrated with b/w photos.   (pb) Bradford Barton, pp114, isbn0 85153 388 4.   VG £5

Hardy, R.H.N. Steam in the Blood. Hardy describes his career which was infused with steam from his early school days through to a successful career with the LNER and BR. (pb) Ian Allan, 1975, pp200, isbn 0 7110 0654 7.    VG  £5

Jacks, L.C. Diesels. A Driver's Reminiscences. Reminiscences from the diesel era, illustrated with b/w photos. (pb) Bradford Barton, 1982, pp112, isbn 0 85153 437 6. VG £4

Jacks, L.C. Drawn by Steam. Memories of a Tyseley locoman.   Illustrated reminiscences. (pb) Bradford Barton, pp164, isbn 0 85153 369 8. VG £5

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